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For Whom We Do It

"It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else" - Henri Matisse 

Next Generation Wealth SystemsTM sole focus is the design and implementation of successful transitions to the next phase of your life. We do our work for people who ultimately want to make work optional. They value the advice of a professional well versed about financial strategies across different disciplines because coordination is instrumental. 


  • Business Owners in a high growth mode or looking to transition out of their business  
  • Individuals making life changing decisions such as: 
    Planning for a special needs family member 
We work with people who are responsible, respected leaders in their industries, professions and communities. By limiting our scope, we have developed a detailed understanding of the unique problems and opportunities that our clients face. 

Many of our clients have trusted, long-term advisors - perhaps an attorney, a CPA or both - who have done much of their financial planning work (wills, trusts, business agreements, retirement plans, etc.). Our work supplements and coordinates the services these advisors provide by identifying gaps, overlaps, and misalignments. 

In developing your personal financial plan, we also draw upon the specialized knowledge of other Lincoln Financial Advisors' professionals such as investment specialists and plan designers. This professional staff handles many situations each year involving the complex financial issues our clients face. This translates into our ability to help you towards achieving your goals.