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Our Process

Clarity. Guidance. Results.

Most people’s finances are like a puzzle: lots of pieces with no clear picture.

On the surface it can look very complex. However, our clearly defined process will help assemble your financial pieces into your very own clear picture. We’ll guide your through the process to measurable results.

Our dynamic planning process involves 3 steps, plus implementation:

The Personal Connection™  

  • Comprehensive data gathering
  • Develop your ideal vision, values, and goals
  • Understand the motivators influencing your financial decisions

The Numbers Navigator™

  • Analyze your situation
  • Determine where your current arrangements are inconsistent with your objectives
  • Create financial models reflecting your current and future situation

The Integrated Plan™

  • Present the strategic plan toward achieving your goals
  • Every plan is custom designed
  • All recommendations in writing
  • Clear picture of your Financial Independence, Investments, Estate, & Business (if applicable)

The Financial Implementor™

-Put your Integrated Plan™ into action

-Each component professionally coordinated

-Ensure your plan stays current with systematic updates

-Measure your success with personal benchmarks

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