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18 Ways to Transfer a Business

There are many ways to exit a closely-held business. The one for you will depend upon your objectives and concerns. You’ll want to consider what matters most to you. Ideally, you’ll want to quantify how much income you need, equity you would like to build or have built, as well as when you’re ready to relinquish control.

In order to determine which of these three components you are willing and can afford to transfer, you’ll need to first determine whether this business is a stepping stone to financial independence or it’s the whole thing.

We’ll help you determine which transfer option(s) work best for you. Contact us today!

1: Installment Sale

2: Lump Sum

3: Stock vs. Asset Sale


5: Charity

6: Stock Swap

7: Entity Change – C vs. S LLC

8: Private Annuity

9: Deferred Comp

10: Non-Compete Agreement

11: Gift vs. Purchase

12: IDIT

13: Voting/Non-Voting Stock

14: SCIN

15: Cross Purchase

16: Stock Redemption

17: Trusted Cross Purchase

18: Wait and See Buy/Sell