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Do You Have a Contingency Plan?

Not everything is within our control. Planning for the unexpected gives you a game plan for action.  

What is your back up plan? 

  • What happens if you die prematurely? Become sick or hurt? 
  • What if you lost your spouse? 
  • What if you lose your job or your business changes?  
  • How would inflation impact your situation? What if cost of living increases?  
  • Are you prepared for the high cost of health care?  
  • Do you have a plan of action when you become frail? Or have to take care of parents?  
  • What if your investments/assets lose value? 

How Do You Know If You’re On Track?  

  • How much does it cost you to live?  
  • What analysis have you done to determine what you need when you retire? 
  • What about other spending and accumulation goals?  
  • How do you balance what you need vs. what you want? 
 How Do You Measure Your Success?

  • Do you track to standardized benchmarks? 
  • What are your personal benchmarks? 
  • Are You On Track? 
  • Do you want to leave a legacy? 

We help our clients improve their probability towards achieving financial security. In some cases, we help them retire early. And once achieved, we help them towards sustaining it. 

What is your back up plan? How do you measure your success? Contact us today!