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Who is Your Project Manager?

Most of our clients envision making work optional. It takes two types of "deliverables" to make this happen....a destination and a roadmap.

1) The destination is retiring after a successful career or having the freedom to do what you love...the picture you envision for yourself and family.

2) The roadmap is the process necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

Our clients are successful self-starters who appreciate practical, achievable solutions. They value advice and have done some level of financial planning. They have competent advisors, such as attorneys and accountants. They are also very busy. 

  • So why engage our services? 

The reason is quite simply coordination, or more specifically, the lack of coordination. We take a “birds-eye view” of your entire financial picture at one time, across four key areas: 

  • Financial Independence 
  • Investment Planning 
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession and Exits (where it applies) 

This allows us to identify both coordination gaps and "financial planning" opportunities. Acting as your Project Manager, we put your strategic financial plan into action, working with your other advisors, and reporting back to you. We help you bridge the gaps so you can move towards your financial goals. 

We are so confident that we can improve your situation, we’ll provide a free Engagement Proposal to identify gaps in your "financial" planning and determine whether or not you are okay. It’s like getting a second opinion with no strings attached. You determine if there’s value in working with us. 

Do you have your Project Manager? Contact us today!