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“Those who overcome great challenges will be changed,

and often in unexpected ways. For our struggles enter our lives

as unwelcome guests, but they bring valuable gifts.”

Steve Goodier (Author of One Minute Can Change a Life)

Family is important. They move us to make the decisions near and dear to our hearts. They make us laugh and cry. They bring meaning to our lives. When things are right in our personal life we see the world through rose colored glasses.

When not, we can make self-sabotaging moves, letting emotions dictate over logic. Intense stress can cause sleepless nights and worry. And we can fall prey to advice that skews our judgement, leaving us with devastating consequences.

In 2004, my 12-year marriage came to an end. I was devastated. This most definitely was not part of my plan. Nothing like a wake-up call to find clarity about your values, your life, your family, and your finances. It was a stark reminder that I could not control everything.

I call it crazy time.  

Marriage, divorce, illness, aging parents, and death cause major disruptions. Sorting through finances, taxes, living arrangements, insurance, estate planning, and all the emotions of yourself (and your children). It’s like a tornado just went through your house. And yes, you must address every single issue all at once. It’s unavoidable.

You want trusted advisors.

Finding competent professionals for financial advice is the last thing you want to do in a highly stressful and emotional situation. You want someone who can go beyond the numbers. You want advisors who are friends, people you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

A financial roadmap guides you through life’s transitions.

In my 25+ years in business, no one has said they enjoy thinking about these issues. Each life event can have a financial effect. Not every transition announces its arrival. Some are expected. Many are not. Thankfully, most everyone feels relief when they prepare ahead.

We want to make life easier and better for our families. We do it because we love them. There’s just something to be said for having a plan.

 We specifically focus on the following to leverage opportunities available to you and the stage you’re in:

⦁ Clarify what your situation is today 

⦁ Determine what’s needed to make sure you are okay

⦁ Identify urgent issues

⦁ Inventory your assets

⦁ Confirm your income and expenses

⦁ Prioritize implementation in manageable pieces

⦁ Coordinate and collaborate with your other advisors i.e. accountant, attorney 

Looking ahead provides greater flexibility and improves your probability for success.